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Lying Writers

The fuss about James Frey's purported "memoir" "A Million Little Pieces"--whether it is "true" or not--is astonishing primarily because it is naive to think that anything that is set down into writing--print or script--is ever, can ever, be "true." Memory is entirely unreliable; it alters "facts" daily. What seems true about oneself at age 10, when viewed from the perspective of age 20, will have changed--grown--when viewed again at age 30, 10 years of unreliable memory and interpretation having altered it.

   What is hilarious is that this matter has brought into focus the silliness of such absurd but powerful literary players as Oprah Winfrey; by her own requirements for granting her blessing on a book--surreal, surreal, surreal--she was duped. Prissy Nan Talese, Frey's publisher, determined that the book would be best presented as non-fiction, rather than, as written, a novel. Now she's caught in the awkward fuss.

   Then there's J.T. LeRoy. Is he the real author of the sad, sad books about a teenage hustler? Or did his 40-year-old mentor write for him? What is wonderful is that he took in the august New York Times that sent him to Paris to cover some kind of festival, only to discover that he--whoever he is--did not even attend. The fatuous remarks by those "taken in" add hilarity to the whole thing; Gus Van Sant says, "Who knows who he is? Am I Gus Van Sant?"

   Lordee, Lord, why not just applaud the deceptions and put them in the context--amusing, a relief, actually--of much greater lies, like George W. Bush's, lies that have sent thousands to death to support those lies.

   There are, I say, in the hierarchy of literary liars three ranks: 1. The biggest liar in the autobiographer, who dares to say this is "true" because I experienced it, although the most unreliable of all editors, memory, has already made its thousand alterations. 2. The second in the hierarchy of such liars is the biographer, who dares to claim he/she--anyone!--can ever capture another's life. (A sub-category would include historians.) 3. Third in the category of literary practitioners is the only honest one--the fiction writer, who claims, "This is a lie, but I'll do everything I can to convince you it's true."

   Unimaginable that those who deal in the greatest of all lies--newspaper editors and writers that adjust the most monstrous of events to suit editorial and political requirements--should be so aghast. That hypocrisy should be the real area of ethical exploration.

John Rechy
January 2006
Los Angeles, California

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